Netcomm Consulting & Services
A Telecommunications, Systems, and Integration Services Company

Company History
Netcomm Consulting & Services (NCS) has been in business for over 28 years. NCS was founded by a group of hardware and network specialists that gathered their expertise to provide a broader range of services to the business community. Our team has a successful and proven record in technology integration projects. We have the knowledge base for building the operational infrastructures that deliver and support integrated voice, data, and video services to support your base business..

We continue to focus on innovating new concepts that keeps us on the leading edge of our industry while maintaining a high caliber, well trained team of dedicated professionals.

Building a successful long-term relationship with our clients, is our main focus.

Michael Anjedani
Mike offers over 35 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications industry and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has held senior design, engineering and technical positions at Barclays, Russell Investments,  Bank of America, Security Pacific Bank, First Nationwide bank, Visa International, and Network Equipment Technologies. Mike has been a lecturer at telecommunication association meetings, on the subject of TDM and Network Clock Synchronization, and holds several technical certificates in telecommunication and networking. Mike is currently our lead program director for data center design and project/program management office and works with clients to stream line and re-engineer project processes.

Sean Sohaei
Sean started after completing his Computer Science degree from SFSU in 1983. Has held technical and engineering positions with firms like Bank of America, Charles Schwab and DHL directly involved with Network architecture and design at a global level. A proven technical manager with over 26 years of multi-industry experience in Project and Program Management, Service Level Agreements, supplier and vendor management. Currently focused on IT program management in the context of real estate capital build out projects. In this roll the PM is responsible to manage all the different IT disciplines that are involved in delivering a successful project. This includes carrier entrance facility, structured wiring, Comms room design / layout, AV, Voice and Data Netowrks.
NCS continues to provide multi-faceted services to companies locally and abroad such as:

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