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Analysis & Assessment
Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessments
Provide BIAs and Risk Assessments, which includes the processes that assess business dependencies on information processing, determining critical business activities and examining the value of business units, judging them by financial impact, loss of reputation, and customer goodwill. The assessment includes identifying all support groups and recommending recovery strategies for all. Identifying security risks that create loss of business or personnel and designing reports that identify all critical information, vulnerabilities, gap analysis, financial impacts and recommendations.

Network Technology Assessment
Conduct an assessment of current and future technologies that could impact capacity of existing voice and data networks. Study the current business direction, various network components and assess overloaded conditions.

Network Risk Analysis
Evaluate risk of large corporate network failure due to employees or physical malfunctions. Identify specific risks plus degrees of cost mitigation. Engage senior management to understand risk to business operations.

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