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Project Management
Project Initiation Development
Work with clients to develop projects scopes, strategies and defining recovery requirements both for the business units and IT departments. Supported the identification of key roles and responsibilities, and the critical functions for both business and IT.

Program Management Office (PMO) Development
Develop and implement a Program Management Office (PMO), which creates methodology and actions, needed for effective PMO operations. Defined and outlined several key functions including: Program Management, Program Administration, Issue and Risk management, Process Documentation, Quality management and a Communications Plan. Develop the organizational charts, skill sets, procedures and documentation needed for all disciplines identified. Assisted in the Design and implementation of an Issue/Risk tracking system.

Project Management
All contracts have various phases that requires management. Develop financial management and budgets required in the strategy planning process.

Process Development
Develop procedures for networks and network recovery operations to include: capacity planning, change management, service level agreements, security, operational procedures, profitability analysis and budgeting processes.

Testing, Maintenance, Training
Develop test plans with scenarios to cover all testing methods. Focused on verifying that recovery strategies and action plans are viable, accomplishing recovery milestones, improving team member's understanding of their roles in recovery and if dependencies and intra-dependencies are managed.

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