Netcomm Consulting & Services
A Telecommunications, Systems, and Integration Services Company
Strategic Planning
Network Architecture Planning
Prepare a strategic direction for Voice and Data Network using the latest technology. Prepare narrative for Executive Management .

IT Investment Review
Conduct a review for institutions to determine the IT organization's effectiveness. In some organization study has found that IT is investing in antiquated technologies that, if continued, would result in the degradation of service. As a result we would establish a new technical strategy and recommendation for realignment of the IT organizations to better fit this plan.

IT Efficiency Assessment
Conduct an efficiency assessment of the IT organization . This module will assess all functions of IT departments, from services they provide to the business through its own effectiveness of providing such services.

IT Strategic Planning
Prepare an IT strategic plan for a global conglomerate where the IT function is dispersed throughout several operating divisions. As always corporate business strategy dictates significant changes in the IT function's structure and use of technology. These changes result in reduced aggregate IT costs, establishment of clear IT policies and planning processes and major changes in application deployment priorities.

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